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General Orders January 2020

Passwords for Department Post Resources were included with the July mailing to Commanders

(New Passwords were effective on Aug 1st)




Make SURE that


and contact information is CURRENT!


The picture to the left is a recent, first class mailing that went out… in about TWO WEEKS, we have received nearly 1,000 returned letters with NO FORWARDING ADDRESS.  (This does NOT include the others that have been returned WITH an address correction or returned letters we have yet to receive.)


This means that the Minnesota VFW Gopher Oversea’r newspaper, many of your Post newsletters and other mailings that are mailed Bulk are being TOSSED in the Post office GARBAGE!


In addition, if VFW National Headquarters receives mail back like this 2 times, THEY WILL DECEASE THE MEMBER from your Roster!


PLEASE stay in touch with your members and keep their information up to date.  This is not only happening with members, but some Post Officers as well. 


Primary AND ‘Snow Bird’ mailing addresses can now be maintained on the National On-line Membership System.  Please UPDATE changes as soon as you can.  If you do not have computer access, VFW State Headquarters can help make the changes- call us at 651-291-1757 (please have the full member name, Post number and Membership number available when contacting us).


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