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VFW continues to work with legislators

Recently Post Commander John McCarthy and Post member John Powers from Richfield post 5555 along with Department of Minnesota VFW Tommy Johnson had a successful meeting with Congressman Dean Philips (MN3) and Veterans Affairs Director Rolie Olson. The meeting included a tour of the Richfield Post and hit on many topics.

Chief among these topics was seeking support for the Veterans Treatment Court Coordination Act of 2019. This is one of the major legislative priorities for the Department of Minnesota VFW and other Veteran organizations in the state. While Tommy Johnson shared a brief history of the VFW, there was also talk about supporting another legislative priority in ending the Widows Tax.

These legislative priorities and others can be found on the Department of Minnesota VFW legislation page. The VFW was started by Veterans of the Spanish-American War who felt that the Government was not keeping its promises to Veterans, and they organized to lobby for these policies. This group of VFW members continues that tradition, to ensure that Veterans across the state and the Nation continue to receive that benefits they deserve and where promised.

Other topics included setting quarterly meetings, along with a town hall with the VFW how to lower real estate taxes and charitable gambling taxes that take away from VFW and other Veteran organizations from using that money to assist Veterans and other local programs.

This was significant progress, and more meeting is being planned. Stay tuned for updates on these meetings, and the legislative program as a whole.