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In April Department of Minnesota needed 560 new members to reach 100% for the first time since 1992. In 2 months, the 213 VFW Posts in the State of Minnesota answered the call and pushed the Department of Minnesota VFW past 100%.

Currently, 110 of the Posts in the state are over 100%, and 5 of the 9 Districts have also exceeded 100%. This is a very positive trend and is not limited to just the State of Minnesota. The latest information coming out of VFW National, 40 Departments have already reached 100 or are on track to do it.

Membership for an organization is essential; in the VFW, it is vital. Only those that are Veterans of a Foreign war can join, and it is the members that go out and assist Veterans and their families. It is the members that ensure the programs that award scholarships for youth essay contest function, and they strive to make an impact in their communities thru service projects.

Many within the VFW are hopeful that this upward trend, will be the norm, and Post 9/11 Veterans start to get older and are looking for organizations like the VFW to continue to serve. There will always be Veterans that find themselves in need, and organizations like the VFW will always be there to assist.